Saturday, July 08, 2006

Toe-up Sock with magic cast-on and reverse dutch heel

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  1. First got to Knitty and get the instructions for the magic cast-on by Judy Becker. This technic is well worth learning and not difficult at all (maybe only knitting the first row).
  2. Knit desired length to start the gusset increase which I did with M1 (make 1): make a backward loop over the right-hand needle. Don't forget to do it on both sides.
  3. Go to sock knitters where you can find Denise's Powell Toe-up Socks. There will be several lessons for every step, but she uses a different cast on.
  4. Knit the leg to desired length. If you have to don't forget to make increses in the back of the leg.
  5. The ripping is supposed to be strechy and different looking.

R 1-4: K1b, K2, K1b, P2 repeat all around

R5-6: K1b, P2 repeat all around.

6. Since the cast off is most likely too tight I've tried Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn casting-off, which is also explained in the last of Denise's Lesson or you can find the directions in one of E.Z. many books.

7. For the top of the sock and around the leg I've used a simple pattern, since it's a man's sock and variegated yarn as well: K1, P1, [ K5, P1, K2, P1] repeat from [ ] You can change the stitch count around K4 or K5 or K6 depending on your stitch count.

Hope this helps at all. Have fun discovering the world of socks, like I did. There's still so much to learn and I will.

Happy knitting.

Monika Steinbauer;

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Anonymous said...

How cool. I just made socks with the same methods. JMCO, RDH and the sewn bind off! Used a k1,p1 rib though :D