Thursday, June 12, 2008

Double Knit Scarf

Please don't ask me how to double knit. You can find information about that online or there's a DVD from Lucy Neatby on how to double knit, which is the way I learned.

You can find the design chart here.

Some notes to the scarf:
It is 21 stitches wide. I used Knit Picks Comfy, 75% Cotton, 25% Acrylic, color# Comfy Fedora B118 and Comfy Sea Foam B981, one ball each.

It turned out 4" x 37" - I know it's short, but I could not stand the double knitting any longer. Maybe you have the stamina for it?

Knit with 4mm straight needles.

A word about the chart: I did the chart in a hurry for myself. People asked for a pattern for this scarf, so I took the chart I made as it was.
It is to be read upside down. The numbers within the chart should be ignored, the squares they are on are counting as a stitch.
I've knit 5 rows plain before I started with the big design. It is supposed to be knit first, after the big design is finished I've knit 10 rows plain, and started the small design, which is only 3 rows high. Repeat the 10 plain rows, followed by 3 rows of the small design until you can not take it any longer. After the last small design knit 10 plain rows, followed by the big design. Finish with 5 plain rows and bind off.

Would love to see a picture of your finished scarf!

Good Luck!