Wednesday, August 02, 2006


size: ~ 6.5" X 76" (or ten pattern repeats)
4.5mm needles
yarn: Queensland Collection Kathmandy DK ~ 370 yds

k knit

p purl

sl-st wyib slip-stitch with yarn in back. A stitch has been slipped from left needle to right needle without working.

RT right twist: 2 stitches twisted so that the one on the right side of the fabric moves diagonally from left to right. skip 1st st and knit the 2nd st on the left needle in front loop, then knit the skipped st in front loop, slip both sts from needle together.

LT left twist; 2 stitches twisted so that the one on the right side of the fabric moves diagonally from right to left. skip 1st st and knit the 2nd st on left needle in back loop, then knit the skipped st in front loop, slip both stst from needle together.

[] [K-P-K-P-K]

CO 40 sts

Knit row 1-6

row 7 [K-P-K-P-K]-P-SL-ST WYIB-P12-RT-P12-SL-ST WYIB-P-[K-P-K-P-K]

row 8 [] K-P-K-P24-K-P-K []

row 9 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P11-RT-LT-P11-SL ST WYIB-P []

row 10 [] K-P-K11-P4-K11-P-K []

row 11 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P10-RT-K2-LT-P10-SL ST WYIB-P []

row 12 [] K-P-K10-P6-K10-P-K-[]

row 13 [] P-LS ST WYIB-P9-RT-K4-LT-P9-SL ST WYIB-P-[]

row 14 [] K-P-K9-P8-K9-P-K-[]

row 15 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P8-RT-K6-LT-P8-SL ST WYIB-P-[]

row 16 [] K-P-K8-P10-K8-P-K-[]

row 17 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P7-RT-K8-LT-P7-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 18 [] K-P-K7-P12-K7-P-K-[]

row 19 []P-SL ST WYIB-P6-RT-K10-LT-P6-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 20 [] K-P-K6-P14-K6-P-K []

row 21 []P-SL ST WYIB-P5-RT-K12-LT-P5-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 22 [] K-P-K5-P16-K5-P-K []

row 23 []P-SL ST WYIB-P4-RT-K14-LT-P4-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 24 []K-P-K4-P18-K4-P-K []

row 25 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P3-RT-K16-LT-P3-SL ST WYIB-P-[]

row 26 []K-P-K3-P20-K3-P-K-[]

row 27 [] P-SL ST WYIB-P2-RT-K18-LT-P2-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 28 []K-P-K2-P22-K2-P-K[]

row 29 []P-SL ST WYIB-P-RT-K20-LT-P-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 30[] K-P-K-P24-K-P-K[]


row 32[]K-P-K2-P22-K2-P-K[]

row 33[]P-SL ST WYIB-P2-LT-K18-RT-P2-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 34 []K-P-K3-P20-K3-P-K[]

row 35[]P-SL ST WYIB-P3-LT-K16-RT-P3-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 36[]K-P-K4-P18-K4-P-K[]

row 37[]P-SL ST WYIB-P4-LT-K14-RT-P4-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 38[]K-P-K5-P16-K5-P-K[]

row 39[]P-SL ST WYIB-P5-LT-K12-RT-P5-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 40[]K-P-K6-P14-K6-P-K[]

row 41[]P-SL ST WYIB-P6-LT-K10-RT-P6-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 42[]K-P-K7-P12-K7-P-K[]

row 43[]P-SL ST WYIB-P7-LT-K8-RT-P7-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 44[]K-P-K8-P10-K8-P-K[]

row 45[]P-SL ST WYIB-P8-LT-K6-RT-P8-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 46[]K-P-K9-P8-K9-P-K[]

row 47[]P-SL ST WYIB-P9-LT-K4-RT-P9-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 48[]K-P-K10-P6-K10-P-K[]

row 49[]P-SL ST WYIB-P10-LT-K2-RT-P10-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 50[]K-P-K11-P4-K11-P-K[]

row 51[]P-SL ST WYIB-P11-LT-RT-P11-SL ST WYIB-P[]

row 52[]K-P-K12-P2-K12-P-K[]

repeat row 7-52 ten times or desired lenght)

knit last 6 rows

Bind off. Weave in ends. Block scarf. Attach fringes if desired. Embroider daisies in contrasting colors in the middle of the diamonds.

Wear with pride! Have fun knitting,


This pattern is for personal use only. You can share it with friends, but not for any commercial use. Do not reprint in books or magazines without my permission.

Monika Steinbauer;


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Anonymous said...

Hallo Monika,
bin gerade auf deine Seite gekommen und habe sie gleich gespeichert - denn ich liebe Schals zu stricken - und deine gefallen mir sehr sehr gut.

Liebe Grüße
aus der alten Heimat

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scarf pattern. It's beautiful and I just have to knit it!